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%d0%ba%d0%b5131Some of the earliest memories I have of basketball was running around in our backyard which had a homemade hoop. My dad and I would shoot hoops every single day from the time I was two years old. I remember him lifting me up with the ball in my hands and I would gleefully drop it in the hoop. Saturday and Sunday afternoons were spent watching playoffs and when it was off season, my dad would rent videos of the game. My dad played college basketball and so it came as no surprise when I made it to my college basketball team.

I have had many disappointments in life but more successes. There have been many loves that have come and gone (including my childhood sweetheart Anna-Marie) but there has only been one true love in my life. Basketball to me is an art, a passion, and a whole different world where hoops reign and adrenalin is king.

As I grew up, my father played fewer and fewer games with me, but the weekend routine of watching the game remained. It was not until I turned 11 years old that I learned that my father was suffering from a previous back injury that he had sustained in his college basketball years and which was now causing him to go through terrible periods of pain. Eventually, the pain got the best of him and he was forced to give up shooting hoops with me.

%d0%ba%d0%b5132That is when the betting began. My dad could no longer play his favourite game but there was nothing stopping him from predicting the outcomes of the games. My dad and I found a new passion to add to our favourite game. We started placing wagers between ourselves and each time our predictions were right. Then it came time to go big; we decided to bet with the bookers. That is how, dear reader, I started making my own money. I paid my way through college, and my dad and I started our own local supermarket and two gas stations with the money we made from our winnings. We put some into Wall Street and even managed to clear my parent’s mortgage.

I love basketball, the game, the betting, the anxiety, the thrill of knowing my team will win and my fiancée!

In this site, I will share with you all the tips, the latest news, and any other scoop that will help you place winning basketball bets.