Five skills needed to bet on basketball

Where there is sport there is betting, and basketball is by not an exception. Almost anyone can bet, however, not everyone is successful; it takes a certain skill set to win consistently without having to depend on flukes and luck.


%d0%ba%d0%b5117Hard work and gambling are not traditionally associated. For successful punters, not only with regards to basketball betting but also across the board, hard work and good research are probably the most important things. The odds the bookies give rarely tell the full story and because basketball only has five-man teams as opposed to eleven it means that each player has a far greater impact.

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Looking at player matchups is, therefore, more important and a single injury on a team will often change the outcome of a game. There are so many factors you can consider: whether a game is at home or away, players’ ages, and height. Because of the many factors, research is especially important – keeping track of the teams, their progress, and watching for any sudden events can help turn your wagers into money.

It’s not only the teams you should research – bookies don’t always offer the same odds and shopping around can increase your stake.

Good with numbers

Numbers don’t lie. Statistics, whilst you may hate them, ultimately matter a great deal. They can be difficult to deal with and when all you can see is a long list of numbers indicating the individual physical traits of players or the win ratio of each team, it can be daunting. However, if you persevere, the numbers can hold the answers to who will win.

Strong nerves

%d0%ba%d0%b5118A competitive basketball game can last for more than two hours, and there are a number of extra things to consider, such as extra time, ads, and breaks. If you have money on the line, it can be nerve-wracking just waiting for the conclusion. Games can swing to and fro, sometimes dramatically, and this might make you want to change or cancel your bet. If you’ve done the research, then you should keep your nerves and stick it through. Whilst you won’t win every time, you’ll at least win more times than you lose.

No team loyalty

If you’re really into basketball, then you probably have a favourite team that you follow, that you think is amazing, and you want to win every single game. This is not always the team you should bet on. If you’re betting, then you should bet to win, and this means you can’t have any loyalty to your team. Bet on them if they’re doing well, but don’t be afraid to bet on the opposition.


Sometimes the research can’t help you decide which team will win and the numbers are even. Not every game can be accurately predicted and, with so many top-level teams, matchups can be unbelievably close. When this happens, all you can do is bet with your gut. In those cases, all you’ve got are your instincts.