Seven basketball betting tips

%d0%ba%d0%b5120Placing a bet is one thing, winning is another. The first is easy; the second can be a little more challenging. However, you can’t win every bet, but there are a number of things you can do to help your chances.


The three Rs in betting are research, research, and research. Don’t bet on something you don’t know anything about unless you want to lose your money. There are a number of factors affecting each basketball game and knowing these can make a huge difference. A single injury, for example, can cripple a team, so keeping an eye on the players and matchups is always sensible.

Bet against the public

%d0%ba%d0%b5119The public makes lots of bets, and yet bookies rarely seem to be lacking cash. The truth is that the public favourites are not the ones who always win and the media, personal favourites, and punters who don’t do their research can all mean the team the public back aren’t going to win. If you bet on the other team you can often get very decent odds with a reasonable chance of success.

The team you support is not always the team you bet on

The team you follow, love, and have worshipped every day since you were six years old is not always the team you should bet on. Your favourite team, hard as it may be to hear, will not always win. The fact you bet on that team doesn’t affect their play. With this in mind, you should bet on the team that is most likely to make you money, not the one you like the most.

Shop for lines

In basketball betting, lines are odds. They try to estimate how likely each team is to win, and this affects payouts. Different lines are offered by different bookies for the same matchups. If you want to place a bet, choosing one bookmaker over another can mean a lot more money from a win.

Be careful of line changes

%d0%ba%d0%b5121Lines are set by bookies. Bookies are out to make money. If a line suddenly changes so the market is now saying one team will almost certainly win, then following the market is not always a good idea. One of the reasons for this is that lines are often based on the number of bets for each outcome. Syndicates are large groups who can buy up tens of thousands of bets which shift the market. Sometimes they will bet one way but then suddenly switch in order to make more profit. The market shifts and the people who shift with it can lose out.

Pick the right type of bet

A bet that the total combined score of both teams will be 107 and a bet that one team will win are both bets, but one is far more likely than the other. Remember that the odds may be good, but unless you actually win the wager, you get nothing. Picking lower risk bets, such as betting on who wins, can often be safer than betting on individual scores making you more likely to walk away with a win.

Watch the numbers

Lies, damn lies, and statistics. The numbers aren’t always right, but in the long term, they always win out. Player statistics and matchup percentages don’t necessarily determine what’s going to happen in the future, but they are probably your best guess at what’s to come. Don’t ignore them; in the long run, you won’t beat probability. Instead, do your research, find out what’s actually likely, and you should win more often than not. You can either play the odds, or let them play you.